Implant Supported Dentures and Bridges

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Types of Implant-Supported Dentures

There are two main types of implant-supported dentures: implant overdentures & hybrid implant dentures. The main difference between the two types is that implant overdentures are removable & hybrid implant dentures are permanent, though other differences will factor into a patient’s decision on which to get.
Implant overdentures often require fewer implants, making them a better choice for patients with more bone loss. Also, because they are removable, they are easier to clean, especially for patients who are already used to removing their dentures to clean them.
Hybrid implant dentures, because they are permanent fixtures in the patient’s mouth, often require more implants to secure them, making them both more solid & more costly. This also makes cleaning them more like cleaning natural teeth, which can be difficult for some patients who can’t get their toothbrush or floss to their back teeth.

If you have lost multiple teeth whether due to trauma or disease then full mouth dental implants is the best option for you.

When you miss a few teeth or the entire set of teeth in your mouth, not the facial shape only gets changed but you suddenly start looking much older your age. It also affects your eating and natural speech.  Our skilled and qualified dentists provide this sophisticated implant treatment to gift you back your smile in just a visit and ensuring that you are never without teeth at any point in time.

Both All on 4 dental implants and All on 6 dental implants treatments include embedding 4 and 6 implants respectively into your jawbone at a time. These titanium metal posts work as the roots of the new prosthetic teeth that are fixed on top of the implants.


These are all different options of Teeth-in-a-day treatment. The treatment is meant for people, who want to have multiple missing teeth replaced on the same day. In other words, All on 4 and All on 6 are different options to replace an entire arch or both the arches of your missing or failing teeth. The replacement is done using a fixed bridge that remains fixed to dental implants. The treatment procedure ensures that you are never without teeth at any point in time. This is done with careful planning and thorough preparation beforehand so that we are able to deliver on the day.

This option may not be for everyone however if you are the right candidate it will help is minimal disruption to your diet, speech, lifestyle, and self-confidence.


Before starting your advanced dental treatment, our qualified dentists will ensure you possess sufficient jawbone to anchor the multiple titanium posts in place. At this initial diagnosis phase, we may have to take CT scans and X-rays of your mouth to perform a correct assessment.

All on 4 and All on 6 dental implants are highly advanced procedures and require in-depth planning and considerations. At  DENTİSLİFE we have an impressive success rate in smoothly handling these cases.

  • Before the actual procedure teeth are designed to mimic your previous setup of teeth or improved based on your preference
  • During the procedure, the trained and skilled hands of our dentist will make a number of tiny incisions in your gum to insert the implants into the bones and the tissues present there.
  • A temporary set of teeth is fitted immediately after implant placement.
  • Once bone regeneration is done and the wounds resulting from incisions in the jaw get healed, we await acceptance of the implants by your body before embarking on the definitive prosthesis.
  • The definitive prosthesis is delivered 4-6 months later.

Unlike all other teeth loss solutions, dental implants both functionally and aesthetically appear like your natural teeth.


The aftercare tips following All on 4 or All on 6 are quite simple. You just need continuing normally with the standard toothbrush and floss. Our experienced dentist will update you on the entire aftercare measure beforehand so that you incur minimal complications. You need routine checkups, during which our dentist assesses your overall mouth including the implants.

Dental implant bridges at DentisLife

Since DentisLife are dedicated to dental implant treatments, all of our experienced implant dentists frequently perform dental implant bridge treatments.

A dentist needs intensive training to carry out dental implant treatment. Success rates are very high if carried out by a trained and experienced implant dentist and if strict aftercare instructions are followed.

Our implant dentists are highly experienced in all dental implant-based restorative treatment and perform hundreds of implant bridge treatments every month.

Why should I have a dental implant bridge?

A dental implant bridge, replacing several teeth in a row is a great stable alternative to a denture or conventional bridge.

Dental implant treatment is a possible solution to restore teeth missing or failing in a row, whether there are teeth missing or loose teeth in a row, decayed teeth / teeth with a bad prognosis, broken or cracked teeth or root treatments which have failed.

Hong long does a dental implant bridge treatment take?

  • Dental implant bridge treatment durations vary on a case by case basis.
  • In simple cases (with the dental 3D CBCT scan showing good bone quantity), there are 4 or 5 appointments over a 4-5 month period.
  • In more complex cases, where bone grafting is required, a 6-8 month period is required.
  • In some cases (when there is good bone quantity / quality), it may be possible to extract a teeth and place the implants in the same appointment – this is called an immediate loaded bridge. Otherwise, a 6 week to 4 month healing period is needed before the implants are placed.
  • See treatment plan process for further details.

Implant-Supported Dentures Are More Affordable

Implant-supported dentures can be more affordable than regular implants because fewer implants are needed. Two, four, or six dental implants is often all you need to secure dentures. Another added cost-saving factor is the possibility of retrofitting your existing dentures to clip onto implant-supported dentures. If you’re already a denture wearer & are happy with your existing dentures or want to save money, it’s often possible to add snaps to your existing dentures so you can keep wearing them with your new dental implants. Of course, if you want to upgrade or redo the look of your teeth, we can create new custom dentures to go with your new dental implants.

Implant-Supported Dentures Can Help Stop or Prevent Bone Loss

One of the reasons you lose bone structure when you lose your teeth is because of the lack of sensation from biting & chewing. The roots of your teeth naturally transfer the force of your bite into your jawbone, thus stimulating bone to renew & regenerate itself continuously. When you lose teeth or have them removed, your jawbone no longer gets the signal to regenerate, even if you chew with dentures. With implant-supported dentures, the force of your bite can travel through your false teeth, into the implants & then into the bone. This can stimulate your bone & prevent future bone loss.
Talk to us at your next appointment about whether implant-supported dentures are a fitting restorative solution for you.


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