Pedodontics (Ages 0-13 Pediatric Dentistry)

21 Kasım 2020by dentislife

Dentislife Dental Clinic exists today with the mission of providing high-quality restorative care to children in need of complex dental treatment.  However, many parents often question why their child should undergo dental surgery at such a young age, especially when baby teeth are not permanent. We understand these concerns and have outlined below several reasons for considering dental surgery for your child.

Allows for safe treatment of your child’s condition.

Dentists will recommend dental surgery (procedures under general anesthesia) when they believe the dental treatment required is too significant for the child to undergo in the dental office setting. Treatment may be significant in the sense that it will either cause great pain, or that it will take a longer time than the child may be able to tolerate sitting still for. If a child cannot sit still during restorative procedures, their safety is on the line.  Our tools and equipment can cause injury or harm if the patient is unable to cooperate. For this reason, a child may be much safer to undergo their procedure with the help of general anesthesia.

Allows for proper oral development into adulthood

Baby teeth save space for permanent/adult teeth. If a baby tooth is lost to decay early, the neighboring teeth may drift, causing there to be less space for erupting permanent teeth, leading to space and cosmetic issues down the line – not to mention costly orthodontia. In addition, a decaying baby tooth may have an abscess forming underneath the roots that cannot be seen or felt. Because permanent teeth develop right underneath this infection, a large cavity could cause irreversible harm to the developing permanent tooth underneath. It is always wise to address dental issues with baby teeth, in order to ensure proper, healthy oral development as a child grows.

Helps your child maintain positive feelings toward dental care.

Between the buzzing equipment, bright lights, and sharp objects, complex dental treatment at a young age can often cause children to be scared of, or develop negative associations with, dentistry. Allowing children to “sleep” through their procedure ensures they maintain a more positive perception of oral healthcare and helps to alleviate fear and anxiety for future dental visits

Allows dentists to fully address the dental problem.

While our patients are under anesthesia, dentists are able to gain better access to the entire mouth. This will help restoration to go smoothly and efficiently, and may even help dentists better identify and treat damage that was unable to be seen otherwise.  Full treatment at our surgery centers also avoids the need for multiple return visits to complete restorative work in the office. Our providers can accomplish more treatment during a single appointment at our surgery centers.


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