Invisible orthodontics with transparent plaques

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Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty aiming to arranging and aligning the teeth and coordinating the jaws. In other words, orthodontics refers to teeth alignment. One of the prominent features of orthodontics is diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tooth and jaw malformations. Unlike other dental treatments, orthodontic treatment is relatively longer and lasts for about 2 to 3 years on average.

With the rapid advancement of the medical and dental sciences, especially in the field of orthodontics , there has been a tremendous change in materials and equipment used. Due to the long duration of orthodontic treatment, there has been always an increasing interest in use of invisible methods. Most adults and people with sensitive social positions who have irregular teeth and requiring orthodontic treatment tend to use invisible orthodontics that will not interfere with their work and social relationships. New techniques have been devised to make the orthodontic appliances invisible.

Types of orthodontic appliances

Considering the ever-increasing demand for invisible orthodontic treatments, and given that these treatments can be performed at any age, the  demand for invisible treatments has grown significantly. Most people are aware of dental malformations and tend to receive orthodontic treatment but are usually dissatisfied with the appearance of orthodontic appliances and thus are not interested in visible orthodontic appliances in their mouths. Numerous methods are available to reduce the unpleasant appearance of orthodontic appliances, the most important of which is orthodontic treatment with tooth-colored ceramic, crystal or composite brackets, clear plaques called Invisalign, invisible orthodontics, transparent plaques or invisible plaques and lingual brackets (attached to the teeth backside).

Invisalign or invisible orthodontics or crystal clear plaques are another type of orthodontic treatment capable of effective correction of most dental problems and malformations. These appliances are similar to the transparent mica that covers the teeth. A series of invisible transparent plastic casts are used in invisible orthodontic treatment. These transparent plaques are replaced every two weeks. Like removable plaques, these plaques can be removed and placed by the patient.

Invisible orthodontic technique

Invisalign or invisible orthodontics or clear plaques should be used throughout the day except for brushing. During their use, the teeth move slowly to achieve the desired results. Most adult patients who need orthodontics refuse to perform orthodontics because they do not want their brackets and wires to be seen at work. Invisalign or invisible plaques have been able to solve this problem. It is very convenient to use this system so that many people soon forget that they are using it. In this method, the orthodontic appliance is made of colorless plastic that covers the entire surface of the teeth and can be placed and removed by the patient.

Benefits of invisible orthodontics

Most orthodontic problems such as crowding, spacing, cross bite, overbite and open bite can be treated with this method.

  1. Invisibility is considered the most important advantage of Invisalign.
  2. Easy use and less impact on daily activities.
  3. Less stimulation for teeth, gums, oral mucosa and cheeks.
  4. Normal brushing and flossing (brushing is more difficult in conventional orthodontics with metal brackets)

How are Invisalign aligners, invisible orthodontics, or clear aligners produced?

After the treatment plan, a mold is taken from the patient’s maxilla and mandible. Then, the clear aligners are made using an accurate treatment plan, a 3D software, and a 3D scanner. The software presents the orthodontist with the final treatment results.

Disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

Despite many advantages of invisible orthodontics, it is also associated with the following problems.

  1. Since invisible orthodontics is removable, it needs patient cooperation, and the plaque is likely to be lost.
  2. Some severe teeth and jaws malformations cannot be corrected by this method.
  3. Invisible orthodontics is more expensive than other orthodontic methods.

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